I tend to have an all-or-nothing mindset when it comes to healthy habits so I am often tempted to just postpone “getting back” on track. If you’re like me and need some extra motivation to get started eating healthier and moving more, here’s what works for me.

I find it helps me to focus on feeling good and energized instead of worrying about how my clothes are fitting. It’s a lot harder to rationalize postponing feeling good!

If you’re not ready yet, prepare yourself for big changes by making small changes first. Start taking positive steps:

  • Rid your home/office/car of junk food and temptations.
  • If you travel often, start recognizing healthy options that are universally common in restaurants, carry-out food options and convenience stores.
  • Make exercise clothes and equipment easily available and in an enjoyable place where you’ll use it.
  • Communicate your fitness goals to your family and friends.
  • Distance yourself from negative and unsupportive people.

And most important, while you’re taking small steps, find your motivation. Motivation can be such an unreliable friend. It’s there for you sometimes, but it seems like right when the going gets tough it disappears on you. What gives? The decision to make a behavior change is what starts it all. Recognizing what you want will help motivate you be ready to act and succeed in making real life changes.