I’m thinking a lot about my clients this week. After working as a personal trainer in Baltimore for more than 12 years, I am moving. My (almost) husband’s job is taking us to San Diego later this month. It’s an exciting opportunity for us as a family.

It’s so hard to say good-bye
My clients have been such a big part of my life here and I’m going to miss them each so much. I want them all to continue their journeys. It’s easy to fall back on old habits when something changes. I hope my voice will still be in their heads inspiring them.

Will they remember what I taught? Did we practice enough? Am I leaving anyone hanging? I’ve tried to set everyone up for future success, as well as with the right next coach if they want to continue with a personal trainer.

My greatest hits
In honor of my clients, I’ve compiled the most important part of my answers to the top questions everyone always seems to ask. These are my greatest hits. I find myself emphasizing these themes on a daily basis. Since I’ll no longer be able to do that in person, my wish is that reading these messages one more time will help make them stick. And, they’ll be right here, in case anyone needs a friendly reminder or a little extra motivation.

There are no quick fixes
No one food plan works for everyone. Instead, focus on getting the basics right. The core principles of healthy eating never change. Whether you’re eating in or out, find an approach that fits into your everyday life. As we’ve all learned the hard way, if you can’t sustain an eating plan, any results you get won’t be sustained either.

Do what you can when you can
When your exercise plan becomes too complicated, it may not happen or stick long-term. Real fitness is a journey, not a destination. Stay active by including more anytime, anywhere activities into your daily routine. And, don’t forget to mix up your workouts to make it fun.

Small changes add up big
You don’t have to be ready to change everything at once. If you set realistic goals and take incremental steps, success can be yours. Find what works best for you and just make more good choices. Take small actions in your workouts. Adopt new ways to find healthier solutions. And, figure out what foods work best for you and your life.

Thank you for touching my life
I hope my clients know how much they each have meant to me. The relationships we’ve built together have become so important to me. I’m sad that I won’t see them every week like I have for so many years. Still, hopefully, our bonds will remain intact.

I’ll continue to share my own journey and fitness tips via my Blog and Instagram posts. And, I’ll be cheering on all my clients from the sidelines in my new home in San Diego. I wish everyone in my Baltimore fitness family all the best.