I’ve experienced so many life changes over the last year. Baby, marriage and job are some of the big ones. But, it’s the move from Baltimore to San Diego that has been the most challenging when it comes to my fitness routine.

Recreating a Healthy Routine
It’s been a little more than 100 days now and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. After getting established in San Diego, I feel like I am finally making progress on recreating a healthy routine for myself (and Camden). It’s been a great reminder of what so many of my clients’ experience when making fitness changes. New beginnings are really hard. They take plenty of trial and error.

Food, Exercise, Sleep
Food, exercise, sleep and lifestyle, everything has been an adjustment. My first challenge was getting 15-month-old Camden on a new routine with the three-hour time change. And, trying to get motivated myself to work out during his nap time versus succumbing to tiredness. For a long time, his naps were my only routine.

No Schedule Yet
Recently, I started leading some weekly group sessions but I don’t have a full schedule or one routine job-wise. Without having full-time work to structure my life around, I’ve found I have to plan much better. Before, when I worked longer set hours, I had more nanny and daycare help. It made it so much easier to get my errands done and workouts in.

Toddler Underfoot
Now Camden is always underfoot. Running with a stroller is harder to do and not as much fun as running solo. Shopping is also much harder with a toddler along. Plus, the energy it requires being on for him all the time is a lot. Coffee just doesn’t always do it. I find I’m eating standing up. Still, I love all the time I’m getting to spend with Camden at this pivotal age.

New Lifestyle
This new lifestyle has both pros and cons when it comes to personal fitness. On the plus side, I am walking so much more. The weather here is perfect. We’re still discovering a lot of nice views and I never have to worry about not getting outside. There are also plenty of great Plan B options for the occasional rainy days.

Food Temptations
On the other side, I am surrounded by more food temptations. I have so much more time and interest in trying out all the new places and coffee shops. And, once you get into the habit of eating out a lot, it’s hard to get out of it. When I was working full-time, I had to pack my meals and snacks carefully. Now it’s tempting to skip the planning and grab and graze.

Real Fitness is a Journey
I’ve been the most successful when I’ve taken incremental steps. One week I focused on doing more food prep so we’ve got healthy snacks to grab. And, last week I finally gave in and joined a local gym. The biggest factor in my choice – the free day care. I’ve always believed real fitness is a journey, not a destination. It’s been humbling relearning this lesson in own personal life.

As many of you embark on fitness related new year’s resolutions, I encourage you remember that small steps can lead to big results over time.