Stuck inside? No sit ups, no crunches, no problem. Don’t get up. You can accomplish a lot in one spot on the floor in 15 minutes. With this core workout try 3 rounds. Spend 1 minute per exercise. Rest 1 ½ minutes between each circuit.
BeckyFIT Illustration Superman Exercise

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…if doing a Superman is too difficult at first, try alternating between sets of lifting only your arms or only your legs.

BeckyFIT Illustration Plank Exercise

The plank is one of my go-to exercises. It builds strength, sculpts the waist and improves posture. Plus, there are so many ways to do it to work even more.

BeckyFIT Illustration Bicycle Exercise

Be careful not to pull on your head while you do the bicycle exercise. You don’t want to strain your neck.

BeckyFIT Illustration Scissor Kicks Exercise

Scissor Kicks
Want better results? Slow down. Make sure you move your legs slowly in order to keep the movement controlled and your muscles under tension.

Try 3 rounds (1 minute per exercise) with 1 ½ minutes of rest between circuits.