What is your perfect bite of food? I love the challenge of getting all the different flavors, colors and textures of a dish into one forkful (or bite).

I’ve captured quite a few of my successes in photos. As I continue my quest for the perfect bite, I thought I’d look back on some of my favorite Instagram bites for inspiration.

A Year of My Favorites

January – Unique Soup Combo
Unique food combo I wish I’d thought of…crumbled Italian sausage, tons of kale and white beans in a savory vegetable broth. I’m a noodle fanatic and I didn’t even miss them!

February – Fully Loaded Healthy Nachos
My client shared this makeover. She replaced the chips with colorful, crunchy mini peppers and went easy on the cheese. The lean ground turkey mixture included lots of chunky tomatoes and onions, and the jalapeno slices added heat. Plain, non-fat Greek yogurt bumped sour cream as a cool topping.

March – One-Pan Meal
All in one bite! I had kale in the fridge, so instead of a salad I tossed it into a pan with olive oil, chicken sausage and chickpeas. I spiced it up with some red pepper flakes.

April – Elevated Salad
Spinach, granny smith apple, blue cheese crumble, bacon, walnuts and radicchio join together in one delicious bite.

May – Rainbow Carrot Stack
I didn’t taste too much of a difference when trying these different colored carrots. They were all pretty delicious though, as carrots are one of my favorite cooked veggies. Sometimes just eating with your eyes makes it special.

June – Bell Pepper Side Dish
I love bell peppers, so the idea of using them as the main event is delicious. My perfect bite includes some crumbled feta, dried cranberries and sunflower seeds with a Greek yogurt-based dressing.

July – Mini Tarts
I love little mini tarts (or I guess they are more like tartlets)! I can think of no fruit mix that wouldn’t taste good in a glazed pie crust.

August – Vegetarian Pasta Dish
I always look for new ways to mix fresh veggies into my favorite pasta dishes. There are so many simple and delicious vegetarian options. Sauteed broccoli, Spring peas, chickpeas and orzo make a great, bright bite.

September – Slow Roasted Vegetables
Slow roasting brings out the best of yellow squash, red and orange bell peppers and zucchini. The 40 minutes it takes to get all the flavors to come out is so worth the wait. If you want to get extra fancy, try adding some fresh Parmesan at the end!

October – 16 Bean Soup
Can anyone name all 16 beans in 16 bean soup? I can’t but I do love making it. It’s so hearty and inexpensive. And, it’s fun to see how many different beans you can fit in one spoonful.

November – Not Just a Turkey Sandwich
Just a little creativity makes traditional combinations taste totally new. After Thanksgiving the leftover turkey and cranberry can be joined by brie, apples, lettuce and basil mayo. Yum!

December – Bruschetta Appetizer
I’ve always loved bruschetta because there are countless ways to make it an interesting bite. Besides the traditional tomatoes, try spreading a thin layer of cream cheese on toast and topping it with sautéed mushrooms. Another idea delicious mouthful is roasted red peppers with garlic and ricotta.

Honorary Mention – Nut Butter
Good ingredients make all the difference. Sometimes you only need one ingredient for a perfect spoonful of goodness. With cashew butter you get a rich and creamy consistency plus plenty of health benefits. Cashews contain iron and magnesium.