Remember when we were little and almost everything involved movement? Try bringing yourself back to when you were a kid and just get active for fun next Sunday. I often skip my workout and just plan to stay active with friends and family. When you combine active fun and social together you get both great exercise and a real mood booster. Whatever the weather or your budget, there are plenty of options for Sunday fun.

I love that it’s so easy to get a set of wheels. It’s the perfect way to explore outside and get a dose of exercise. A couple times a year my best friend and I rent bikes and ride from Georgetown to D.C. along the trails. It’s so much fun!

Everything just tastes even better when you catch it yourself. Living in Maryland, I look forward to crab season each year. Fresh crab is fresh, juicy, tender, and the flavor just explodes in my mouth. I’m not exaggerating, it tastes so good.

Festival or Event
Timing is everything. There are so many outdoor festivals, events and activities on the weekends, it’s easy to get plenty of steps in while enjoying a fun experience. Each Spring I go into Washington D.C. to see the Cherry Blossoms.

Group Exercise Class
Weekends are a great time to try something new. With people all around you, the energy can be infectious and inspire you to want to keep up. Instead of telling yourself maybe it someday, try going along with the crowd today. Zumba, cycling, yoga, Kettlebell, kickboxing, barre, self-defense…there is something for everyone.

I love outdoor time! There are so many more options and the scenery is great. After being cooped up indoors all winter, it’s so freeing to be out in nature, hiking a trail.

Ice or Roller Skating
Ice skating never works out too well for me. I am usually on the ground more than I am standing, but it is still fun to try something new.

Paddle Boating
There’s always a way to stay active. When my back was hurting during my third trimester, I looked for activities that didn’t involve walking too much. I got to sit and support my back and have fun.

Play Ball
Play catch, throw a frisbee, kick a ball, shoot hoops…just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have to stop playing sports. At my parents’ home in NJ, they have a basketball hoop, but until recently it was just a decoration because they didn’t have a ball. So, on a recent visit I decided to take some initiative. I not only bought them a ball, I inflated it myself. Shooting hoops is now a fun way to fit in some activity when I visit and move around with my family.

Ride a Segway
Catch me if you can…riding a Segway is much more of a workout than it looks and so fun. Surprisingly, it requires a lot of core strength to stay balanced. And even more, when you set your speed to the faster street-mode versus slower boardwalk-mode.

Rock Climbing or Ropes Course
There are few activities more invigorating, adventurous and exciting than rock climbing. Now there are even comfortable indoors options that offer a safe and comfortable environment to learn the ropes (so to speak).

Self-Pick Farm
Yay for picking season! I love, love, love self-pick farms, especially strawberries. You get to have fun loading up your baskets with fresh fruits and vegetables and then go home and came home to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Fresh berries with whipped cream, over yogurt, in pancakes, you name it.

Trampoline Park
Up, up and away! To be honest, I convinced my clients to bring their son so I could tag along and play too. It feels so freeing being able to fly so high in the air. Now, it’s a fun way to be active without thinking about it! It is also a great indoor activity as the weather turns cold and icky.

Water Fun
Weekend wave chasing! There are so many ways for those of all skill levels to enjoy time on the water. I get a good workout boogie boarding, or rather chasing after my board. It’s just soooooo much FUN!

Weekend Race
My sister and I like to do active stuff together like 5Ks, walk-a-thons and a Zombie Mud Run we did last year. Knowing your race is coming up can provide extra fitness motivation and fun for months.